UPZ RC12 Anthracite 2020

582 net price

incl. 21.00 % tax


UPZ RC12 – new hard snowboard boots, revolutionary “in-mould technology”, combining very stiff and very soft parts in one piece. The RC12 gives you a direct-lateral performance, without losing flex and comfort. The boot is extremely stiff, where it should be and soft, where it needs to be. And the new technics gives you a lot of adjustment-possibilities (for every rider’s style).


  • New shaped, extra-strong race-buckles with improved springs
  • New toe adapter with super stiff binding part and anti-slip/snow repellent walk part
  • Stiffer Carbon-Compound cuff-inlay (+25%)
  • New adjustable and shock-dampening Shoxxter Strap
  • Lower-Shell in new PA12 material (+10% stiffer and even stronger)


  • Cuff with “in mould technology”. The cuff comes not fully overlapped, prevents Outer-Tongue side-movement. Features best harmonic and more direct flex.
  • The cuff comes higher outside and a little bit higher inside (for better pressure dissipation). The Shoxxter Straps run over the cuff (both inside and outside)
  • The cuff-buckle positions, adjustable via TX25 screws
  • Super stiff material (for Tongues and cuffs) with best notch impact strength
  • Standard heel adapter, stiffer and lighter, new profile
  • Race heel adapter (exactly the same height like NW) for brutal direct lateral boot-binding connection
  • 3 different forward flex springs (easy to change)
    • soft/fluorescent yellow
    • medium/white
    • super stiff/fluorescent orange
  • 3 different outer tongues (easy to change)
    • Red soft
    • Black medium
    • Silver stiff

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 45 × 18 cm
Boot's size

4 EU (mondo 23.5 cm), 4.5 EU (mondo 24.0 cm), 5 EU (mondo 24.5 cm), 5.5 EU (mondo 25 cm), 6 EU (mondo 25.0 cm), 6.5 EU (mondo 25.5 cm), 7 EU (mondo 26.0 cm), 10 EU (mondo 28.5 cm), 10.5 EU (mondo 29.0 cm), 11 EU (mondo 29.5 cm), 11.5 EU (mondo 30.0 cm), 12 EU (mondo 30.5 cm), 12.5 EU (mondo 31.0 cm), 7.5 EU (mondo 26.5 cm), 8 EU (mondo 27.0 cm), 8.5 EU (mondo 27.5 cm), 9 EU (mondo 28.0 cm), 9.5 EU (mondo 28.0 cm)



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