UPZ XC12 Orange 2020

636 net price

incl. 21.00 % tax


constructed by swoard riders – Free Carving, Extreme Layover Carving, Swoard Board Carving



  • Total Free Flex with continuous flexibility
  • New RCR-BOX spring system with long spring set to maximizes the range of ankle flex.

Benefits of the new RCR box
* More direct at Front Side Turns
* More direct move from Front Side to Back Side
* Forward flex spring 10 mm longer (length 43mm)
* stepless adjustable forward lean via TX30 screw. The adjustment does not influence the springs
* independent adjustable backward flex
* independent adjustable forward flex
* lighter, than the standard ride/relax box

  • XC12 has stiff cuff but softer lower shell for easy flex.
  • XC12 tongue is “Easy Glide” 110flex (set between soft red tongue and black medium tongue).
  • For the Extreme Carver right down to the Easy Carver!
  • Flexible enough for rough terrain and bumps.
  • XC12, the Easy Rider. Comfortable riding while feeling the natural deflection and torque of the board!
  • The supple high-grade boots XC12 are for you!

Stiffness: Soft – Easy Flex, Special Flex Tongue – New Single Rivet Design with Mid Buckle Strap, New In-Mold Carbon Fiber Tech Cuff

Liner: Flo Adaption, Genuine Leather, Removable Racing Tongue & Lycra Toe Box, Custom Pads- Removable

Buckles: New – “SEE THRU” Buckle System in “Silver Haze” , Convenient Buckle System with “Stay Open Technology”
5 Xtra Wide Double Socket Micro-adjustable RCR Alu Buckles

Features: Canting 5 Positions Inside and Outside, Forward Flex-stepless Adjustable

Intec: Compatible, all release cable slots factory prepped

Power Strap: 40mm Double SHOXXTER Power Strap with shock dampening


Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 45 × 18 cm
Boot's size

3.5 EU (mondo 23.0, 3 EU (mondo 22.5 cm), 3.5 EU (mondo 23.0 cm), 4 EU (mondo 23.5 cm), 4.5 EU (mondo 24.0 cm), 5 EU (mondo 24.5 cm), 5.5 EU (mondo 25 cm), 6 EU (mondo 25.0 cm), 6.5 EU (mondo 25.5 cm), 7 EU (mondo 26.0 cm), 10 EU (mondo 28.5 cm), 10.5 EU (mondo 29.0 cm), 11 EU (mondo 29.5 cm), 11.5 EU (mondo 30.0 cm), 12 EU (mondo 30.5 cm), 12.5 EU (mondo 31.0 cm), 7.5 EU (mondo 26.5 cm), 8 EU (mondo 27.0 cm), 8.5 EU (mondo 27.5 cm), 9 EU (mondo 28.0 cm), 9.5 EU (mondo 28.0 cm)