UPZ XC12 Orange 2020

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constructed by swoard riders – Free Carving, Extreme Layover Carving, Swoard Board Carving




Highlightes 20/21

Every new UPZ 20/21 boot comes with new, hyperlight/flatshape buckles in therefore the boots are lighter.

The new liners are lighter too and feature a new, special insulated toe-box.

XC12 – Softer shell-plastics, new and softer outer-tongue plastics, RCR carbon box assembled with soft forward flex spring (blue)

  • Total Free Flex with continuous flexibility
  • New RCR-BOX spring system with long spring set to maximizes the range of ankle flex.

Benefits of the new RCR box
* More direct at Front Side Turns
* More direct move from Front Side to Back Side
* Forward flex spring 10 mm longer (length 43mm)
* stepless adjustable forward lean via TX30 screw. The adjustment does not influence the springs
* independent adjustable backward flex
* independent adjustable forward flex
* lighter, than the standard ride/relax box

  • XC12 has stiff cuff but softer lower shell for easy flex.
  • XC12 tongue is “Easy Glide” 110flex (set between soft red tongue and black medium tongue).
  • For the Extreme Carver right down to the Easy Carver!
  • Flexible enough for rough terrain and bumps.
  • XC12, the Easy Rider. Comfortable riding while feeling the natural deflection and torque of the board!
  • The supple high-grade boots XC12 are for you!

Stiffness: Soft – Easy Flex, Special Flex Tongue – New Single Rivet Design with Mid Buckle Strap, New In-Mold Carbon Fiber Tech Cuff

Liner: Flo Adaption, Genuine Leather, Removable Racing Tongue & Lycra Toe Box, Custom Pads- Removable

Buckles: New – “SEE THRU” Buckle System in “Silver Haze” , Convenient Buckle System with “Stay Open Technology”
5 Xtra Wide Double Socket Micro-adjustable RCR Alu Buckles

Features: Canting 5 Positions Inside and Outside, Forward Flex-stepless Adjustable

Intec: Compatible, all release cable slots factory prepped

Power Strap: 40mm Double SHOXXTER Power Strap with shock dampening


Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 60 × 45 × 18 cm
Boot's size

8 EU (mondo 27.0 cm), 9 EU (mondo 28.0 cm), 9.5 EU (mondo 28.0 cm)