Point .951 – 130 RD (race department)

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Alpine snowboard hard boots


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there is now a harder flex for dynamic racers and heavier people

The 2020 Hardboots are labeled more clearly so that our brand can be recognized more easily. Together with better brand awareness and for clarity, we have added the flex and the model to the shaft on the outside.


Modifications for 2020:

Buckles Spring (stronger with new shape)
Buckles Tooth plate (black and new Shape for better handling)
In the versions WC and RD stronger back mechanic base
On the top of the Liner is a tag with the Mondo Point size

New Printing for:

better identification on the slope
easier model and flex differentiation
technical for binding center is more clearly identifiable


  • The Mountain Slope Point .951 130RD Hardboot is available in shell sizes A, B, C, D and in two different stiffnesses. From Mondo Point 23.0 to 29.5
  • Material – Grilamid Plus® MS130 PA12 L20 with less reaction to temperature changes.
  • Stronger back-mechanic, Variable angle of inclination, exchangeable springs for hardening adjustment.
  • Optimized geometry and design for ideal function and precise adjustment.
  • The Flex 130 is around 5 % more temperature stabile than the 120 with temperatures higher than + 5° Celsius.

MS130, PA12, L20 – preassure of injecion


Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 50 × 35 × 12 cm

Mountain Slope

Boot's size

mondo 29, mondo 25, mondo 26,5, mondo 27, mondo 27,5, mondo 28, mondo 28,5